fishing in clifden and galway ireland

sea angling and fresh water angling in Clifden and the Galway area

welcome to the site,the idea of the site is to pass on information about fishing in clifden and the Galway area and links to other sites I found helpful

if you have any site that you think would be helpful let me know

see what boats and Search & Rescue aircraft are working in the area

see what airplanes are passing over head,this map comes from 

listen to weather reports from the Irish coast,guard broadcast times are 0103, 0403, 0703, 1003, 1303, 1606, 1903, 2203

Latest Irish Search & Rescue Information

lweather satellite images

check out what Species of porpoises,dolphins and whales were seen in the area

galway tides from

Approximate times of high water for the places listed may vary from the predictions.
Note: These tidal predictions are a guide to the times and heights of expected events. Weather conditions and local currents may cause the times and heights to vary from those predicted. Mariners are advised to consult a Nautical Almanac for the most accurate predictions for their destination.
Tidal Varitations
Clifden Bay 
Killary Harbour   +0.18

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